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  •   Custom Payment
    Add to Cart Our Price: Rs1
    This is to do a Custom payment, update the quantity each quantity equals to 1 rupee so update as per your agreed number of rupees with quantity
  •   Helium Gas Cylinder Small
    Add to Cart Our Price: Rs10500 Rs12000

    Helium gas is non-flammable, non-explosive and non-toxic and is completely safe to use both indoors and outdoors. We will arrange delivery and collection of your cylinder.

    Helium gas comes in 3 sizes of traditional and lightweight cylinders and we will advise on the best size for your requirement


    These aluminum helium cylinders are lightweight and easy to transport.

    They are perfect for party rentals, on site decorating or as a backup tank.

    The cylinders are painted festive colors for added customer appeal.


    Size's : 5 Ltr, 10 Ltr, 47 Ltr. Note Gas cost extra Rupees 3500/-

    Don't forget to pick out the perfect balloon inflator too!

  •   Regulator for Helium Cylinders
    Add to Cart Our Price: Rs3900

    Foil (Mylar) & Latex balloons regulator with guage and auto shut off

    Our automated regulator lets you inflate foil balloons automatically to the
    perfect pressure and size. Costly foil balloon breakage is eliminated
    and maximum flying time is assured. The foil inflating outlet
    points downward to allow for fast one-hand inflation of valved
    foil balloons. The latex balloon filling outlet is available with a
    fast-flow push valve or a flex-tilt style outlet for inflation
    of latex balloons.

    Balloon Recommendations
    - Nozzle facing downwards automatically Inflates All Shapes and Sizes of
    Foil and Bubble Balloons
    - Nozzle facing upwards inflates All Size Round and Non-Round Latex

    - Latex Outlet
    - Auto-Fill Foil Outlet
    - Pressure Gauge
    - Hand-Tight Connection

    Inflating a latex balloon using the latex filling kit, Place the neck of the latex balloon over the rubber tip, tilt the tip at any angle to begin inflating the balloon. When the balloon is 'pear shaped' - stop inflating and tie a knot in the balloon.

    Inflating a foil balloon: Hold the neck of the foil balloon over the nozzle and push back, release when balloon is fully inflated. After you have finished inflating your helium balloons, turn the cylinder off, release the helium trapped in the filling kit and remove the kit before transporting the helium cylinder.

    If you have any problems inflating your balloons contact us

  •   Small Teddy Bear inside a Balloon
    Add to Cart Our Price: Rs750 Rs950
    The bear sits inside a big balloon with color paper/balls/smaller balloons and the Gift inside the balloon can even be personalised with the baby’s name and DOB Greetings. Compare Price Click Here, It makes a lovely keepsake for the future. The balloon is gift wrapped in cellophane to protect the balloon and is finished with a bow. If you have your own gift to put inside, maybe baby clothes, cell phone,  ....., not a problem. The gift inside a balloon is ideal gift for any occasion, we can put chocolates inside. Either supply your own or let us know how much you want to spend for the gifts inside and we will do the rest.... ideal for any occasion! If you unsure whether it will go in, give us a call or email and we will let you know. The possibilities and unique gift ideas are endless.
  •   Water color 18inch
    Add to Cart Our Price: Rs89 Rs155
    Rainbow of water colors, is the message “Happy Birthday Wishes” The centerpiece is a gold foil box decorated with gold stars and tied with water colored ribbon
  •   Its a Girl Teddy Bear foil balloon
  •   Its a Boy Teddy Bear foil balloon
  •   18'' For you Birthday Sparkle foil balloon
  •   18'' Looney Tunes Birthday foil balloon