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Twisting Balloons DVDs

What Balloon Designs Would You Like To Twist?

Dog, Mouse, Giraffe, Squirrel, Rabbit, Elephant, Parrot, Swan, Two Love Birds, Teddy Bear, Cat, Dinosaur, Monkey, Horse, Butterfly, Fish, Sword 1, Sword 2, Helmet, Ray Gun, Heart In A Heart, Aero plane, Turban, Dove, Boing Boing Flower, Six Petal Flower, Teddy Bear With Heart, Double Swan, Bracelet, Cutie Rabbit, Double Poodle In Heart, Panther, Mama Poodle, Harley Balloonson, Crabby Crab, Tweety Bird, Ducky Duck, Pink Panther, Godzilla, Dino Hat, Crown, Star Hat, Braided Heart, Rabbit, Snowman, Rainbow Hat.

 CHAKDE(pick up) All Here, Step-By-Step In Anshi Balloon Twisting DVD !

 Everything is shown in simple terms. It's easy to view, easy to understand and most importantly, easy to twist! Even children can easily twist many balloon designs after watching the video!

 Here's A List Of What This Amazing New Video Will Teach And Show You...

 Step-By-Step Video Guide of over 46 Simple and Beautiful Balloon Designs!

 Discover what those important first steps are as I walk you through the process of getting started. You'll learn exactly what to do first, second, third... and so on.

 You will learn the very basic supplies you'll need to get started so you don't spend money on unnecessary tools.

 How many types of balloons can be used to create balloon art.

 Learn why it's much easier, and safer, to use a hand pump compare to blowing up the balloon with your mouth.

 Learn how you can effectively tie a balloon (tying a balloon can be tricky).

 How you can use a marker pen to draw on balloons to create an even better design.

 Show you what is bee body balloon, smiley balloon, instant flower balloon and even a heart balloon that comes in different sizes, design and wording too.

 Find out how you can learn twist technique such as fold twist, loop twist, ear twist, apple or tulip twist and even split and pop twist.

 You will also learn lock twist/tight squeeze technique.

 How you can make a ball (baby balloon) inside a balloon.

 Discover how many inches of uninflated tail end of a balloon you should leave.

 How this video will help you to avoid the common mistakes beginners make when starting to twist a balloon!

 You'll learn the simplest techniques that will get you started right away.


….And much more- So much more!


More Real Life Testimonials

 Here Are Some Comments From Satisfied Customers....

 I picked up a copy of this Video this past summer. I would also give it 6 out of 6. It is a great 1st Video for people. I have seen professional clowns not being able to do all of the creations that Sam teaches. He starts out by showing the basics of the basics and goes on from there.

 I would recommend this Video to anyone starting out.



I have this Video it is a good Video. Starts out with single balloon and it's up with multi balloon creations. I have learn a few things from it. I have used them already. I can say the children do like the creations. The camera work is good easy to see what is done.

 Keep Smiling,



Just bought this Video from Anshi. My 1st balloon twisting Video. I suggest everyone that this is a very good beginners instructional Video. Clear instructions and easy to follow creations. Plus heaps of lovely designs to practise. Even my 11 yrs old nephew keep asking "any more new creations?"

 46 designs for its price.. its a steal !!!  6 out of 6 stars.

Banzai Twister

We found that your video was very impressive and we like your method on how to twist balloons. Both of my children aged 7 & 9 are now able to twist balloons! Thank you Anshi! Just imagine both of my children can make the Duckie Duck!



If your looking for a good beginners Video then take a look at this new Video. A lot of information for a good price. The figures are from beginning to simple multi-balloon cartoon characters. The video quality and instruction is very good. Instructor uses the traditional and entertainers 260 assortments for his figures along with hearts, white 646 and a black 350.



I am going through your video, and wanted to send you a note to thank you for putting together such a fantastic resource. I'm an advanced twister, and am always looking for products to recommend to my students, and your video certainly fits the bill.Thanks again for an outstanding product and a VERY reasonable price.



 All You Need Is Someone To Hold Your Hand And Walk You Through The Process. Start Twisting Balloons Like A Professional Right Now!....... Don't Miss Out On This Opportunity As we are Revealing All our Closely Guarded Balloon Twisting Secrets To You!

And when you are armed with over 46 simple and beautiful balloon designs that you can learn to twist in literally minutes, you have the ability to be an instant hero at parties, charity events, children church, festivals, and friends or even with your own kids! You may even perform your new found skills in hospitals and schools too!

 Start Twisting Your Balloon Right Now!